The XXL whirlpool: 240 jets for your relaxation | 35-37°C

    The Johannesbad Therme always puts your personal well-being first. Our XXL whirlpool has 240 air jets on the floor of the pool. The air bubbles from below and the buoyancy in the water relieve joints, ligaments, muscles and the spine and thus enable new movements. In particular, back pain and neck problems can be alleviated, which can improve your mobility.

    A visit to the whirlpool helps you in the long term by relaxing hardened muscle areas, since you relax your relieving posture and thus enjoy benefits even after your soak. Tension often causes further tension in other parts of the body. With us, you can find relaxation and pain relief for the entire body.

    The gentle and soothing pressure from additional micro water massage jets at the side of the pool also promotes blood flow and stimulates the entire circulation. The combination of
    whirlpool and water massage jets can relieve tension in the long term and thus, for example, relieve back and neck pain.

    An additional advantage of the whirlpool massage is that you can regulate and place the pressure on your body yourself. The healing water from the Johannes Spring complements this relief for your body.

    In addition to the many health benefits of our XXL-whirlpool, this one aspect is of greatest importance - it is a pleasant break for body and soul. Let the air bubbles in the warm thermal water caress you and enjoy how your entire body relaxes!