The swimming pool: sport for young and old

    The swimming pool in the outdoor area at Johannesbad Therme in Bad Füssing offers ideal conditions for swimming with a length of 30 metres and a water temperature of 27-30°C. It is a well-known fact that swimming is one of the healthiest sports, but what exactly makes swimming so healthy?


    Swimming relieves strain on joints and exercises the entire Body

    Buoyancy in the water optimally relieves strain from joints and the spine, whilst the majority of muscles are gently, yet effectively exercised. Thus, the risk of injury is virtually nil, whilst the cardiovascular system is whipped into shape. The strengthened muscles prevent or counteract postural damage and it helps with back pain and weight loss. Swimming is therefore a real all-rounder.

    Benefit from the pleasant effect of our mineral and sulphurous healing water from the Johannes Spring.