Opening times and prices

    Johannesbad Therme Bad Füssing

    IMPORTANT! (Infection prevention / national law): Closed for guests! March 17, 2020 to (expected) April 20, 2020: Johannesbad Therme Bad Füssing, thermal baths, saunas, fitness, wellness, restaurants, outpatient therapy. 

    Opening times

    • Spa/Pools*: Mon - Sat: 07.30 am - 9 pm | Sun: 08.30 am - 6 pm    
    • Saunas: Mon - Sat: 13 am - 9 pm (nov-march: open from 11 am) | Sun: 13 am - 6 pm (nov-march: open from 11 am)
    • Spa restaurant: Mon - Sun: 8.30 am - 10 pm

    * Nov 1 to March 31: Time schedule of the external baths may deviate from the opening times stated above, depending on the weather conditions. However, the outdoor baths are open until 6 PM at the least (all services excluding unforeseen events such as equipment damage, storms, etc.). Opening hours on holidays may vary. If the holiday is on a regualr business day, the opening times stay the same.

    Special ticket: Thermal baths + saunas 12 Euro

    • Sat + Sun: from 1.00 pm 
    • Mon - Fri: from 4.00 pm    

    Prices 2020

    • Exercise baths
      One-day-ticket: 16,50 Euro
      Five-day-ticket: 75 Euro (only for 1 person)
      Ten-day-ticket: 140 Euro (only for 1 person)
    • Exercise baths + Sulfur gas baths
      One-day-ticket: 17 Euro
      Children up to 14 years: 5,00 Euro
      Five-day-ticket: 77,50 Euro (only for 1 person)
      Ten-day-ticket: 145 Euro (only for 1 person)
    • Saunas & Spa
      Sauna one-day ticket: 15 Euro
      Book of 10 tickets for sauna: 140 Euro
      Exercise baths + saunas one-day ticket: 19 Euro
      Exercise baths + sulfur gas baths + saunas one-day ticket: 20 Euro

    Multiple-Entry Ticket, Discounts & Additional Information

    Multiple-entry tickets are non-transferable. Multiple-entry tickets cannot be split between several persons. Multiple-day tickets with a deposit of 10 euros per transponder.

    Group of 10 people or more, the following applies: 2 euro discount per person (free admission for busdriver/supervisor). This rule also applies to bus groups of 10 people or more; is valid for each exercise bath one-day-ticket or per sulfur gas bathone-day-ticket.

    No quantity discounts for prescribed medications. In the regulation pertaining to the exercise bath/sulfur gas bath, the current individual price is considered as the total calculation basis.

    The prices and opening times published on this homepage are not binding and can be amended at any time.

    Severely Disabled Persons

    Those accompanying the severely disabled persons shall not pay for the use of the exercise bath if the following identification letters are entered in the disability certificate:"H = helpless" or "BL = blind" or the combination "G=Gehbehinderung” (walking disability) and "B =Berechtigung zur Mitnahme einer Begleitperson bei der Benutzung öffentlicher Verkehrsmittel” (authorization to take along an accompanying person when using public transport). Accompanying persons of wheelchair users do not have to pay any entrance fees when using the exercise bath.

    Severely disabled persons pay the regular entrance fee. (The use of the sulfur gas baths shall be charged for the severely disabled and the accompanying person on a regular basis.) There are wheelchair-accessible and disabled-friendly changing rooms, showers, toilets, lifting cranes, pool ramps, lifting systems, automatic closing doors, parking places for wheelchair users in the Johannesbad Spa.