Johannesbad Specialist Clinic: innovative therapies & traditional treatments

    Johannesbad Specialist Clinic in Bad Füssing combines traditional care with the innovative healing methods of modern medicine. It draws on decades of experience and offers the following areas of treatment:

    Rehabilitation | Follow-up treatment

    Department of orthopaedics
    Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy
    Department of Urology Practice

    Treatment department

    Back pain and pain centre
    Acute psychosomatic

    Practices and outpatient clinics

    • Urology practice
    • Occupational therapy practice
    • German Centre for Osteoporosis
    • German Centre for Chinese Medicine
    • Outpatient Physiotherapy | Physical Therapy

    Neurosurgery practice

    • Private practice for orthopaedics, conservative spine therapy and special pain therapy at Johannesbad
    • Joint practice for urology at Johannesbad
    • Spa doctor’s practice Lutteroth at Johannesbad

    The BACK ON TOP back pain therapy: individual therapies with a holistic approach

    Furthermore, you can find a comprehensive treatment programme for back pain with BACK ON TOP, the premium back pain therapy. Our experts pay particular attention to therapy with personal trainers, rehabilitation specialists and stress coaches.

    Direct access to Johannesbad Therme

    Johannesbad Specialist Clinic Bad Füssing is located directly adjacent to Johannesbad Therme. You can reach it directly on foot and enjoy the highly effective mineral water from the officially recognised mineral spring.