Kneipp cure, movement massage and more: the outdoor area of Johannesbad Therme

    In our outdoor area, you can experience our countercurrent pool, the movement massage pool and our Kneipp cure pool, in addition to our highlights. As in all of our pools, you also benefit here from the curative effect of our internationally unique mineral water from the officially recognised mineral spring (Johannes spring) in Bad Füssing.


    The Kneipp cure: promoting circulation with Kneipp water treading | 17°C

    Water treading is a form of hydrotherapy in which you tread through cold water. Circulation and blood flow is stimulated by treading through 17°C cold mineral water.


    Countercurrent pool: well-being with water massages | 34 – 36°C

    In three interconnected pools, you can relax with lower back, full body and surface massages, as well as on the relaxation islands dotted around the water. Furthermore, you can move against the long countercurrent and thus, improve your health in a gentle way.


    Movement massage pool: active relaxation | 34 – 37°C

    Water currents in our movement massage pool loosen muscles and can relieve tensions and pain. The effect is enhanced with massages from installed water jets. Our relaxation islands promise further relaxation for body and soul.