Steamroom, exercise pool and movement pool: actively promoting health

    The indoor pools at Johannesbad Therme have further pools, in addition to the wave pool, XXL whirlpools and the hyperthermal bath, which promote your health in a pleasant way. Thus, you can also find the inhalation steam room and the medical exercise and movement pools in the indoor area.

    The inhalation steam room: a relief for the respiratory system | 60°C

    The inhalation steam room at Johannesbad Therme has an expectorant and relieving effect on your entire respiratory system. At about 60°C, breathe in the steam of our thermal mineral water fresh from the spring and experience the healing effect of Inhalation.

    Medical exercise and movement pools | 33 - 35°C

    Our water exercise for guests with prescription as part of rehabilitation or for self-paying patients takes place in the exercise and movement pools. The pools are also available to all guests for their own use. The pools have lifts for people with limited mobility and disabilities. The temperature in these pools is at a pleasant range between 33°C and 35°C.