Outpatient Treatment in Johannesbad bad füssing

    Our outpatients have relied on the medicinal water and our team's expertise for decades now. Our extensive clinical experience helps us achieve the best treatment results suited to your individual needs.

    • Training in healing waters is particularly gentle
      Training in healing waters is particularly gentle
    • Physiotherapy with expert advice
      Physiotherapy with expert advice
    • Experienced therapists and state-of-the-art equipment
      Experienced therapists and state-of-the-art equipment
    • We also offer out-patient osteopathy treatments.
      We also offer out-patient osteopathy treatments.

    Cure and Prevention in Johannesbad

    Your Way to Health in Johannesbad

    Don't get unsettled! The application for non-resident spa treatments or a rehab may seem somewhat complicated to some patients at the beginning. But stay tuned, you are entitled to a spa treatment or rehabilitation if you have a certain medical condition. We would be glad to advise you personally about your way to a rehabilitation or spa treatment: Phone +49 8531 23-2809 (Mon -Fri always 8 AM- 16.30 PM)

    The diagram below shows you how to get a rehabilitation, follow-up treatment spa stays (in the case of statutory health insurance or pension insurance): Quick overview: The way to rehabilitation. For further details, please refer to the chart below: Detailed overview: The way to rehabilitation

    Why Choose an Outpatient Treatment in Johannesbad?

    There are several reasons why so many patients keep choosing Johannesbad in Bad Fussing for their outpatient treatments and therapies:

    • Unique medicinal water with special sulfur, 56 degrees spring temperature and special mineral combination
    • State-approved indoor mineral springs (Johannesquelle)
    • Decades of experience in providing treatment for non-resident patients
    • Clinical experience of the therapists employed with the affiliated twice certified Johannesbad Specialized Clinic of Bad Füssing.
    • Johannesbad massage school and Johannesbad Academy as the basis for qualified therapists and masseurs
    • Wide range of therapies - one-stop service facility: Physiotherapy, machine-based remedial gymnastics, manual therapy, osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy, massage, lymphatic drainage, water gymnastics, aqua-fitness, aqua-walking, aqua-cycling, balneo therapy, occupational therapy and much more.

    Types of Treatment

    Non-resident/Outpatient Spa Treatment

    After your doctor has prescribed the need for a spa treatment, request an approval of a spa treatment in a form available at any health insurance company. Basically, a spa treatment can be approved once in three years. If it is necessary on medical grounds, you will receive the treatment at shorter intervals.

    Your health insurance fund will provide you with a so-called doctor's certificate that allows you to have the necessary spa treatments (thermal motion bathing, massages, fango, etc.) prescribed by your spa physician in Bad Füssing to an unlimited extent. In addition, a daily allowance for accommodation, food and tourist taxmay be granted by certain health insurance companies

    The medical services rendered during your spa treatment will be fully covered by your health insurance company. The health insurance funds will cover 90% of the costs incurred for the prescribed spa treatments (baths, massages, gymnastics, etc.).This will be settled directly between the spa center and the respective health insurance company.

    You will have to pay10% of the costs incurred for the spa treatment as own expense as well as 10 Euro per prescription when you submit the prescription to our termination counter

    Free of charge only on presentation of an identity card; only children and young people under the age of 18 are exempt from payment; social welfare recipients as well as the unemployed must pay 10% of the sum payable as own expense, as well as the prescription fee (10 Euro/regulation).

    Outpatient Package Deal Treatment

    The Johannesbad outpatient package deal treatment is a special type of an outpatient program with an intensive therapy schedule, which aims to stabilize, individualize and raise the quality of outpatient treatment. The OTP seminars are conducted in groups of a maximum of 15 participants. We offer package deal treatments for the following conditions: Back/spine, shoulder, hip, osteoporosis.

    The self-responsibility and the increase in the ability to deal with a chronic condition is promoted through the group structure and dynamics. Normally, the treatment lasts three weeks. As in the case of outpatient treatments, board and lodging can be chosen freely. A detailed treatment plan is adapted to the duration of the exercise and the specific indications.

    For further details, refer to the prospectus: Package deal treatment in Johannesbad

    Consulting: Phone +498531 23-2909 | Fax +49 8531 23-2791 | info@johannesbad-hotels.de

    Outpatient Treatment

    Prescription: 90 % of the costs incurred for prescribed remedies (massages, baths, etc.) are covered by the health insurance. The patient himself has to pay 10% of his own expense (plus 10 euros per prescription). In Johannesbad, you will receive recipes (if medically necessary) from a spa physician, which you can redeem accordingly. In addition, you can be given a competent advice as part of an outpatient spa treatment. Information about a spa physician in Johannesbad

    Out-patient rehabilitation: We would be glad to advise you: Phone: +49 8531 23-2809

    Outpatient Treatment/Therapy for Self-Employed Persons

    Of course, you can book out product packages against payment.

    Outpatient Therapy Range

    Balneo therapy

    We use sulfurous thermal mineral water to treat numerous conditions. We offer the following therapies: balneo therapy, individual/group aqua gym, aqua-fitness, aqua-walking, aqua-cycling as well as aqua yoga.

    The effects of our medicinal water are as diverse as the fields of application. Among other things, it is used for the treatment of rheumatic conditions, metabolic diseases, cardiac, circulatory and circulatory disorders, as well as surgical aftercare. Further information about medicinal water and its properties can be found here.

    Physiotherapy, Medical Exercise Therapy, Machine-Based Remedial Gymnastics

    Physical therapy and sports therapy is provided by our qualified staff, in the in-house Medical Fitness Center,coupled by the effect of medicinal water. Conditions of the musculoskeletal system can be treated through physicaltherapy such as craniosacral therapy and osteopathy treatment or medicalexercise therapy (sports therapy)..

    Physical Therapies

    Johannesbad is one of the leading therapeutic facilities in Europe in the field of physical therapy. Our therapy offerings range from osteopathy treatments to various massages, hydro-electric bathing, stimulant therapy, low-, medium-frequency and ultrasound therapy, heat packing and Kneipp baths through to various gymnastics groups.

    Our medicinal water successfully supports many of our treatments, such as underwater gymnastics, indoor baths, hydro massage and full baths, medicinal sulfur-water baths or volcanic natural fango treatments enriched with our thermal medicinal water.

    Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapy is used for restoring, improving or compensating for the condition-related or disability-related functional limitations in the sensory, motor and psychological area. You can use our occupational therapy practice in Johannesbad as usual with a prescription.

    Here, we treat conditions such as Sudeck's disease, stroke, rheumatism, cerebral dysfunction, carpal tunnel syndrome, injuries and diseases in the hand and shoulder area, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis patterns.


    Body blockages are palpated and removed through gentle massage during osteopathy treatment. The healing powers can be activated again. Parietal osteopathy focuses on the musculoskeletal system, while functional disorders of the internal organs can be treated by means of visceral therapy.