Relax in Bad Füssing - Enjoy a Massage in Our Spa

    In the course of the so-called Medical Wellness, we use massages both for deep relaxation, comfort, as well as for targeted effects. At Johannesbad Bad Füssing, every massage has quite different effects on body and mind. We use the experience and knowledge from all over the world coupled with the skill of our therapists.

    • Our massage rooms  - a comfortable atmosphere for well-being
      Our massage rooms - a comfortable atmosphere for well-being
    • Herbal stamp massage - stimulates the metabolism
      Herbal stamp massage - stimulates the metabolism
    • Tuina massage – special techniques of Chinese medicine
      Tuina massage – special techniques of Chinese medicine
    • Bar in the spa area - for relaxed, enjoyable moments
      Bar in the spa area - for relaxed, enjoyable moments
    • Hot-stone massage - get rid of tension with warm stones
      Hot-stone massage - get rid of tension with warm stones

    The Bad Füssing Spa is the right place to come to for a massage. Our masseurs are highly qualified physiotherapists or state-approved masseurs with clinical experience.

    Deep Relaxation Massages


    Foot reflexology massage

    The pressure massage of foot reflex zones can specifically influence body areas or organs. This helps relieve your vegetative nervous system and unblock your energy.

    Aromatic oil massage

    Massages with essential oils stimulate skin and senses, as well as soothe ordetoxify. The aromas stimulate the psyche and nerves through the skin, mucous membranes and nose. Carefully produced natural pure oils are used for back massage.

    Singing bowls massage

    Derived from Tibet, India and Nepal, this massage stimulates the subconscious. Body cells are set in harmonic vibration through the play of singing bowls.
    Incl. tea specialty

    "Hotstone" massage

    Heated stones transfer pleasant warmth to the body. Circular, massaging movements with the warm stones relieve tension. Body and mind cultivate harmony.

    Lomilomi Nui massage

    Derived from Hawai (Lomi = to knead; to rub), this massage is performed by coating the body with heated, energized oil and "embracing" through smooth touches of the masseur. It gives the impression of a four-hand massage. The body is stripped (with private parts covered).
    Incl. tea specialty

    Slow Stroke massage

    This technique with slow spreading of warm oil over large skin parts provides for deep relaxation. It is an extremely intense body experience, with the refinement of sensitivity and energetic connections in the body.

    Special Massages (Pain, Detoxication, Sports)


    Special massage

    The massage is performed to treat stress and tension in a targeted fashion. Back, head and neck treatments can be easily combined.

    Detoxication massage

    A massage on the neck, abdomen, arms and legs stimulates the lymph drainage, mobilizes the tissue, drains fluid build up and flushes waste products of your body, thus regenerating tissues and bodies in a sustained manner.
    incl. Chinese detoxification tea

    Herbal Stamp massage

    Small warmed linen bags with aromatic herbs serve as herbal stamps for massage. The evaporated herbal scents stimulate the metabolism. Acids and sediments are absorbed through the skin.
    incl. aromatic herbal tea

    Facial massage

    A facial massage is refreshing and relaxing, and also helps to smooth out wrinkles. It stimulates the blood circulation and thus ensures a healthy complexion. This facial care is ideal for all skin types.

    Sports massage

    The body is relaxed by means of special handles and massage techniques. A sports fluid or pine oil for refreshment or a regeneration ointment is applied on the skin.
    incl. fitness drink or tea specialty.

    Asian Massages


    Tuina massage

    is a form of Chinese manipulative therapy Special grip and massage techniques can open blocked energy pathways and eliminate functional disorders of joints, muscles and nerves, and restore the balance of yin and yang in the long run.
    incl. tea specialty.

    Meridian energy massage

    The tension balancing massage derived from Chinese medicine activates the inner healing powers. The energy channels (meridians) are massaged from the start to the end point along the body points with deficientor excessive energy.
    incl. tea specialty.

    Ayurvedic massage

    In accordance with the millennial Indian ayurvedic doctrine, each guest receives a special, heated oil mixture. This is extensively massaged into the body to stimulate the metabolism and expel toxins. This activates the energy flow and provides deep relaxation.
    incl. tea specialty.

    Osteopathy/Shiatsu & Fango



    Osteopathy helps unblock energy in your body. Parietal osteopathy focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Functional disorders of the internal organs are treated by means of visceral therapy. This helps activate your body's healing powers.

    Craniosacral therapy

    Craniosacral rhythm arises due to pulsation of the cerebrospinal fluid between the skull (cranium) and sacrum, and can be compensated through the therapy. Spectrum: i.a. spine, skull, jaw, sacrum, nervous system, asthma, tinnitus, stress, digestion, fibromyalgia, migraine.


    Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork that helps relieve body, muscles and the vegetative nervous system.. Traditional acupressure is combined with modern massage techniques. Gentle pressure is applied along the energy pathways with the hand and thumb (atsu = pressure, shi =finger).
    Incl. tea speciality


    An effective and particularly beneficial massage: The healing mud of our natural Fango pack - enriched with thermal mineral water - ensures that the warmth can unfold its soothing and pain-relieving power. In addition, blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated.


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